Bjorn Henriksen Resigns from FHT's Supervisory Board of Directors

Fairmount Heavy Transport NV (FHT) announces that Bjorn Henriksen has resigned as a Member of the Supervisory Board of Directors of FHT. Henriksen has been a board member since mid 2006.

Henriksen has indicated that his recent appointment as COO of Prosafe and his subsequent relocation to Singapore, has made it very difficult to dedicate the time and attention required as a Supervisory Board Director of FHT.

"FHT deserves someone who has more time to dedicate to the company," said Henriksen. "I am convinced FHT will become a great company and look forward to following it from the sidelines."

Frits van Riet will replace Henriksen on the Supervisory Board. Van Riet was voted onto the Supervisory Board at the shareholders meeting on October 17, 2007. The Supervisory Board currently consists of Willem Dirkzwager, Leif O. Aaker, Hans Verhagen and Frits van Riet.