Deepwater Decides on Shell Miri as Field Trial Site

The steering committee for AGR Group's RMR Demo 2000 Deepwater JIP has unanimously decided on Shell Miri as the field trial site. Subject to phase two contracts being put in place, the trial is scheduled to commence mid 2008.

"The JIP steering committee's confirmation of a field trial site is an exciting step in progressing the testing of our RMR's technology at challenging depths," said Sveinung Olsen, AGR Group's executive vice president of Drilling Services. "The JIP were initially reviewing possible sites in the Gulf of Mexico, but when the JIP Partners presented an opening in Malaysia, we took it. We are all very confident the site will provide equally valid results as in the GOM."

"This is the next point along the path of exploring the depth capacity of our cutting-edge technology, which has already proven itself at up to 400 meters deep," commented Roger Stave, president of AGR Subsea Inc in Houston. "We are also pleased to have such excellent partners on this journey with us."