Production Commenced on Entek's HI 24-L Block in GOM

Production commenced from the High Island 24L Block on October 18, 2007.

Over 18 months, Entek and its partners have taken the High Island 24L prospect through bidding, drilling, discovery and field development, culminating in production startup and commissioning.

"With strengthening oil and gas prices, the HI-24L production will assist the company to pursue additional interests in the Gulf of Mexico," said Russell Brimage, Entek’s chairman.

While production from HI-24L commenced on October 18, full production rates will not be reached until commissioning of the new facilities is completed. Flow rates are expected to increase gradually to full capacity through the commissioning period, expected to take several weeks.

On test, the two wells drilled on the HI-24L structure flowed a cumulative rate of 98 MMscf/d; however it is expected the combined flow will be restrained by choking to rates for each well that are considered appropriate with respect to good oilfield practice.