Wood Group Inks $1 Million Production Contract

Wood Group has been awarded a contract worth more than $1 million by Total E & P Ltd, Aberdeen.

The contract is for the production of 5-1/8" and 6-3/8" Spacer Spools to fit between the existing wellhead and production tree on the Alwyn platform. Total identified that a number of wells on the platform would benefit from natural gas lift assistance. By fitting the Spacer Spools, the production of the wells will increase through the use of a Concentric Inverse Gas Lift System; this deploys coiled tubing to the bottom of the well through which high-pressure gas is injected allowing the reservoir to produce more hydrocarbons.

The precision machined spools, 1.30 meters high and rated to 10,000 pounds working pressure, are required to seal and house other critical components vital to the deployment of the gas system.

"Manufactured in the UK with the WGPC engineering support in Houston, the spools were delivered on time and tested to the full satisfaction of Total E & P," explained Jim Thomson, general manager WGPC Peterhead. "These spools, along with the coiled tubing, downhole safety components and other items, will now be sent offshore and installed in the summer to further enhance Total's production."