Roxar Launches Tempest 6.4

Roxar has released the Tempest™ 6.4, its software suite for advanced reservoir simulation.

Tempest™ 6.4 comes with state-of-the-art modeling and simulation capabilities, including the ability to simulate a wide range of physical processes within one program, such as black oil, compositional, dual porosity, steam, coal bed methane and polymer injection.

Tempest™ 6.4 will allow users to conduct faster simulation runs and in greater detail, will provide improved returns on existing investments and greater compatibility with other simulation models, and will also enable users to model the injection of steam into their fields.

The result will be more reliable production forecasts and maximum reservoir performance.

"With Tempest™ 6.4, users can create and simulate larger and more complex models, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of their reservoir flow, more reliable production forecasts and maximized reservoir performance," said Roxar CEO Gunnar Hviding. Additionally, users can upgrade seamlessly from previous versions at no additional cost.