Bayou Bend Provides Mustang Island 736 Well Update

Bayou Bend Petroleum provides an update on the Mustang Island 736 well in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Mustang Island 736 #1 sidetrack well has been drilled to a total depth of 11,190' MD. Strong gas shows were encountered during the drilling of the well.

Preliminary analysis of electric logs indicate an apparent pay zone in the Marg A section of the wellbore of between 43 feet and 120 feet thick. Additional open hole evaluation will be completed in the next couple days.

Upon completion of the open hole evaluation the company will run production casing and testing will be executed on the zones of interest. Additional information regarding the well will be released as evaluation concludes.

The well is located approximately 30 miles from the Texas coastline in 155 feet of water. Hercules Rig 253 was utilized to drill this well.

The prospect is a geo-pressured Marg A test on a large structural trap that is supported by amplitude anomalies and AVO analysis. Bayou Bend has a 100% interest in the well.