Drilling Mud Tank and Pit Cleaning Going Automated

Production Management Industries (PMI) has entered into a multi-year Alliance Agreement with Innovative Cleaning Solutions GoM LLC (ICS) to provide automated tank cleaning in the removal of liquid drilling muds from marine supply vessels and drilling rig systems in the Gulf Coast Region and all waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

PMI has provided conventional cleaning of these tanks to its customers since its inception in 1997. However, conventional cleaning is a very labor-intensive task and most times requires numerous hours of confined space entry to safely remove wastes and provide clean tanks ready to accept new product.

This new automated cleaning process (patent pending) eliminates more than 75% of the entry time required of its employees, automates and simplifies the cleaning process, and significantly reduces another waste stream (wash water) generated during conventional cleaning.

"Our Alliance with ICS to provide this innovative technology to the industry truly sets us apart from our competition," said Danny Michael, PMI vice president. "Our customers will realize substantial savings in waste disposal and product recovery as well as enhanced utilization of their marine supply vessels servicing their drilling programs."

He adds, "Most importantly, this process will improve the quality of life for our employees by reducing their exposure to confined space hazards and automating most of the cleaning process."

"I’m excited that ICS and PMI are teaming up to modernize tank cleaning," said David Ball, ICS president. "The incorporation of our new state-of-the-art technology – automated cleaning and environmentally responsible chemicals – coupled with PMI’s vast resources will squarely place the oilfield cleaning industry in the 21st century. We are continuously designing enhancements to our equipment that will further optimize the process."

ICS is a privately owned company that engages in the design, manufacture and implementation of specialized equipment and chemical systems to serve the particular cleaning needs that are unique to the oil and gas industry.

PMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Superior Energy Services Inc., which is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange as "SPN." PMI’s Environmental Services Group offers dockside boat and barge tank and portable container cleaning; rig systems cleaning; NORM licensed for conventional and in-service cleaning of oil & gas production systems; and hazardous/non-hazardous waste assessment, sampling, cleanup, and closure of facilities, pits, marsh, and wetlands areas.

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