SCAN Recommencing 2D Project Offshore Pakistan

SCAN Geophysical ASA is re-mobilizing its seismic vessel, M/V Geo Searcher, to recommence a previously suspended 2D project offshore Pakistan for BP.

The original 9,500-kilometer 2D program was suspended in July 2007 due to effects of an oncoming monsoon.

"Both BP and GEMS requested suspension of the program after acquisition of only 1,500 kilometers of data in order to preserve and maintain previously-set quality standards for the seismic data that otherwise would have been negatively affected by the poor sea and wind conditions expected by the onset of the traditional monsoon season," said Kjell Karlsson, vice president marketing and sales for SCAN.

"However, we were quickly able to turn this challenging situation into an opportunity by a swift diversion of the vessel crew onto another 2D project together with GEMS offshore nearby Sri Lanka, which has since been successfully completed," he added.

The BP/GEMS Pakistan 2D program will occupy M/V Geo Searcher into the first quarter of 2008. The vessel is also scheduled for three to four weeks of maritime docking for standard classing inspection and general maintenance work during this period.