Encouraging Gas Shows as Kennedy #1H Well Enters Target Zone

Empyrean Energy says that the Kennedy #1H exploration well, located in the onshore Gulf Coast Basin in Texas, had reached a measured depth of 12,720 feet (3878 meters) and was cementing casing.

Since the last update, the well has been steered from vertical to horizontal in order to track the target Austin Chalk upper zone, believed to correlate with the producing zone in the nearby Sugarkane discovery well.

Background gas increased from around 40 units to about 100 units on entering the Austin Chalk target zone. The commercial significance of the elevated gas background is not known but is regarded as encouraging.

As planned, casing is now being run before the planned final 4,850 feet (1,273 meters) of the well is drilled within the near horizontal target Austin Chalk upper zone, in order to evaluate the zone and its productive potential.

Sugarloaf-1 Well
It has been advised that preparations commence to re-frac and re-test the deepest of the three zones of gas shows and log interpreted potential gas pay in the Cretaceous age Austin Chalk Formation.

As a result of the reported early screen out when attempting to frac this zone last month, a revised frac design and program will now be adopted. Timing of the proposed fracture stimulation operation is subject to the availability of frac equipment and services but is expected to take place as soon as these are available.