2D Seismic Survey Planned for Offshore Taranaki in Early 03

A 2D seismic survey vessel is scheduled to work in New Zealand waters over the summer to collect data. NZOG chairman Tony Radford told the company's annual meeting in Auckland that a seismic survey was planned by OMV and NZOG over their PEP 38472 permit offshore Taranaki, which would probably be carried out in conjunction with Shell, Todd and OMV which planned surveys over their new offshore permits PEP 38481 and 38482 early in 2003.

Indo-Pacific Energy (NZ) Ltd is also scheduled to acquire seismic in its offshore PEP 38480 permit.

NZOG also said that the Australian Maritime College vessel Bluefin arrived in Taranaki waters in early December to conduct a site survey for the optimal drilling position of the Tui-1 prospect, which is to be drilled by partner and operator Transworld Oil in the Taranaki offshore permit PEP 38460 during the summer.