Technip Unveils Growth Plans

Technip's Chairman and CEO Thierry Pilenko recently unveiled the company's 2010 strategic framework and objectives.

In the next three years, Technip plans to focus on improving technologies to develop the new frontiers of ultra-deepwater, arctic developments, unconventional resources, onshore mega projects and reduction of CO2 emissions. The company also plans to further strengthen its subsea segment and expand its geographic reach into the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Canada and Arctic.

To improve operating performance, Technip will concentrate on four initiatives, including onshore activities, execution capacity, operational organization and worldwide talent.

"In an era when oil and gas projects are increasingly complex and demanding, Technip, united in this strategic and operational framework, has the means to make a decisive contribution to the development of new technologies and provide our clients with sustainable solutions to optimize the management of the world’s energy resources," said Pilenko.