Trans-Orient Petroleum Appoints New Director

Trans-Orient Petroleum has appointed Alex P. Guidi as a director of the company.

Guidi is the principal of International Resource Management Corp. (IREMCO), a Vancouver-based private holding company with investments in oil and gas and technology companies.

"We're pleased that Mr. Guidi has accepted this nomination," said Dr. David Bennett, executive chairman of Trans-Orient. "As a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of oil and gas companies focused in and around the Austral-Asia region, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. That knowledge will be a valuable complement to our expansion strategies."

Guidi has nearly three decades of business leadership experience and is the founder of a number of successful oil and gas, technology and real estate enterprises. Guidi founded Austral Pacific Energy Ltd., TAG Oil Ltd. and Trans-Orient Petroleum Ltd.

"In today's complex, high-cost environment, creating opportunity, and more importantly creating long-term value for shareholders, has become even more challenging for small independents," said Guidi. "With Trans-Orient, I'm joining a strong team with an outstanding track record that understands the distinct challenges - and significant opportunities - that oil and gas companies face in the region."

Beginning in the late 1980s, Guidi was involved in various Western Canadian oil and gas ventures, including a participant in the development of the Karr gas field. He was also instrumental in transforming and developing a small Alberta-based company into an oil and gas producer with a significant undeveloped land position that was ultimately merged with Bonavista Petroleum Ltd. at its early stages of development.