BPZ Energy Becomes BZP Resources

BPZ Energy, Inc. (AMEX:BZP) has completed the re-incorporation of the company in the State of Texas pursuant to the plan of conversion as approved by the shareholders during the annual meeting.

The filings with the Secretary of State of Texas also include a change of the company's name from BPZ Energy, Inc. to BPZ Resources, Inc. at the holding company level. However, the Company will continue to use the name BPZ Energy, Inc. as a dba ("doing business as") in its regular business operations.

No changes have been made to the Board of Directors, the management, or operations of the company as a result of these administrative changes.

The company will continue to trade on the American Stock Exchange under its current ticker symbol, "BZP" and will maintain the same CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures) number. The company does not plan to reissue stock certificates in connection with these changes, and the current certificates will continue to represent stock in the Company.