Touchstone To Sidetrack Hell Hole Bayou Well

Touchstone Resources USA Inc. reports that its second Hell Hole well, the McAlester Fuel S.L. 16141 #2, located in Vermilion Parish, La., will be sidetracked approximately 1,000 feet to the east to reach a total depth of 16,800'. To sidetrack, the operator will enter the wellbore of the S.L. 16141 #2 at a depth of approximately 13,000' and at an angle of approximately 25 degrees to reach the target. This well will confirm the reservoir quality and 300 foot sand thickness of the Lower Miocene "O" sand encountered in the Seneca #1 well. 3D seismic data indicates that the sidetracked well will find improved sand porosity than that seen in the Seneca well. If the well proves to be commercial, as many as 10 additional well locations could be drilled on the acreage held by the company. On trend, the objective sands have produced 10 to 50 BCF per well.

3D seismic data has also confirmed several large down-thrown structures within the company's acreage. The next deep test will target the Lower Miocene Siph. Davisi sands at 19,900'. The structure has 3,000 acres of closure. These reservoirs have produced several hundred BCF from fields on trend. "The deep potential in this play has not begun to be exploited," states CEO Mark A. Bush. "We are approaching this project like a major oil company, knowing that we have to drill, then learn and correct the 3-D interpretations, to better understand the seismic profiles. We believe the sidetrack to test the "O" sands will be a big discovery for us, and the deeper Siph. Davisi targets rival anything a major would explore for."