SLB Acquires Exclusive Rights for ThinAnywhere Technology

Schlumberger has acquired exclusive development and distribution rights to the oil and gas sector for ThinAnywhere®, remote access high-end 3D graphics visualization technology, from Mercury International Technology, Inc. (MIT).

The agreement grants Schlumberger the exclusive right to develop new applications based on the ThinAnywhere technology in the oil and gas sector. Schlumberger will use this technology in its LiveQuest* solution providing 3D thin client access and enabling centralized application support capabilities hence lowering the total cost of operations.

The SIS LiveQuest solution supports single sign-on, one-click collaboration, remote management for all exploration and production applications, and simplifies IT support through infrastructure consolidation. The ThinAnywhere technology provides secure remote access to Windows®, Linux® and UNIX® applications and streaming video and data functionality

"With the continuing shortage of petrotechnical experts, support for remote collaboration is critical to the digital oilfield," said Olivier Le Peuch, president of Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS). "The acquisition of ThinAnywhere, the 3D visualization engine for our LiveQuest solution, puts us in a stronger position to support the remote application access market and further develop collaboration capabilities."

"We have seen an increasing need for remote access to high-end 3D visualization applications in the oil and gas industry," said Ralph Gobeli, chairman and CEO of MIT. "Our relationship with Schlumberger will accelerate and expand development of new tools to meet this growing demand."

Schlumberger will acquire all existing contracts for ThinAnywhere in the oil and gas sector, resulting in a single source for support and development of this technology in the industry.