3M Unveils New Filtration System

3M has announced its new filtration vessel – available for trial or rent - designed specifically for use with the 3M CUNO™ range of 740B filtration units. These units are proven to save oil companies considerable time and money compared to alternatives.

The first trial of the new filtration vessel at Cabot Specialty Fluids showed the operational life of the 5ì x 740B elements was extended by 60% over and above the traditional 5ì x 2" x 40" elements.

According to the company’s specialist filtration consultant Doug Florance, "Our high-capacity cartridge design means fewer change-outs, resulting in less rig downtime."

The vessel has DNV certification for use offshore, can be used with 2ì, 5ì and 10ì 740B filter cartridges and has a vertical skid design, making it easy to maneuver on a rig or platform. The 740B is part of the recently expanded 3M CUNO™ filtration solutions family.