Dresser-Rand Looks to TransCanada for Supersonic Ejector Technology

Dresser-Rand has signed a memorandum of understanding with TransCanada to obtain technology for producing tandem supersonic ejectors.

Incorporating technology developed in conjunction with NOVA Research and Technology Corporation, the ejectors are used to reclaim gases ordinarily vented into the atmosphere. At TransCanada, reclaimed gases are injected into gas turbine fuel systems to reduce operating costs and hydrocarbon emissions.

When an agreement is finalized, Dresser-Rand will have the right to manufacture, use, and market ejectors that incorporate this technology (including improvements made by TransCanada). Dresser-Rand intends to offer the ejectors as a new equipment option and as a product upgrade for all centrifugal compressors that compress hydrocarbon gases.

"By improving the efficiency of the dry gas seals used on centrifugal compressors, and by recovering and recycling gases normally vented into the atmosphere, this new technology will benefit the environment," said H. Allan Kidd, director of Emerging Technologies at Dresser-Rand. "In addition, the new technology will make processes that require the transmission of gases more cost effective."

Dresser-Rand is among the largest suppliers of rotating equipment solutions to the worldwide oil, gas, petrochemical, and process industries. The Company operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, France, Germany, Norway, and India, and maintains a network of 27 services and support centers covering more than 140 countries.

TransCanada Corporation, founded in 1951, is a leader in the responsible development and reliable operation of North American energy infrastructure. With headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, the company has more than 3,500 employees throughout North America.