Subsea Gains Top-Notch Tool

MCS, a leading engineering software and solutions company focused on the subsea industry, recently launched an updated version of its already proven DeepRiser program. DeepRiser 2.4 serves an a high-tech analysis tool for engineers developing deepwater risers.

"The DeepRiser program was designed to provide a quick and easy-to-use way of organizing and carrying out multiple analysis cases without user intervention," said Kieran Coughlan of the MCS DeepRiser team. "Due to its growing popularity, we have refined the program to further enhance the capabilities users tell us they want."

Adding more realistic 3D visuals; automatic drift-off and weak point analysis; and improved navigation, data input and top-tension calibration tools; the DeepRiser 2.4 software program streamlines design and analysis of deepwater risers.

Most importantly, the software automatically creates necessary analysis, generating output without requiring custom processing.

Built with the Flexcom and Freecom analysis engines, DeepRiser 2.4 also offers experienced engineers for software support.