Riddle 14 is the Answer for Westralian

Westralian has spudded the Riddle #14 over as part of an ongoing exploration program to test the Sunnybrook and Stones River formations. These formations have proved to be good oil producing leases.

The Riddle #14 intersected the Sunnybrook oil zone at 575 feet and produced live oil into the well bore. Due to minimal gas in this zone and no water to drive the oil, the well did not flow to surface.

Drilling continued to the Stones River Formation where it intersected significant oil shows from 668 feet to 725 feet and a gas show at 730 feet.

Riddle #14 will now be acidized to clean up both oil horizons and fitted with a pump to establish the amount of oil production. The oil will be pumped down hill to the tank at # 11, which is just over 400 feet (123m) away.

The rig has been release from the site and has now been moved to the Riddle #13 location. This location is near the old Riddle #3 well, which produced 50 barrels of oil per day from the Stones River when drilled in 1983.

A work over continues on the Carter lease, we have now arranged for a field services company to undertake a full acidization program of six of the oil producing wells on the lease. This program will stimulate all of the wells with the aim of producing two to three times more oil than previously produced.

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 - Riddle 14 is the Answer for Westralian (Oct 11)