Nighthawk Energy Begins Waterflood Project at Devon Oilfield

Nighthawk and Running Foxes are undertaking a major appraisal-drilling programme of over 60 wells, targeting Bartlesville channel sandstones between depths of 350 to 500 feet. With the drilling program well advanced, the implementation of a pilot waterflood oil production project has commenced.

The pilot waterflood production project at the Devon Oilfield covers over 1,764 acres in Bourbon County, Kansas, within the Cherokee Basin. The projects first four water injector wells to be used to flood the Bartlesville sandstone have been identified. In this particular sandstone production intervals are 20 to 30 ft thick. Drilling of the injector wells is expected to commence within the next 14 days. Subsequent permitting for the injection of water is expected to take approximately 90 days to be granted by the Kansas State.

The appraisal wells to be used for trial production during the pilot are currently being perforated and flow lines and oil storage tanks are being put into place.

Nighthawk holds an 80% interest in the project and the operator, Running Foxes Petroleum Inc. (“Running Foxes”), a 20% interest.

In other business, Nighthawk has acquired a 50% interest in the Buchanan and Worden projects, located in Vernon County, Missouri within the Cherokee Basin, encompassing a combined acreage of 774 acres and targeting the same Bartlesville sandstone reservoirs as at the Devon Oilfield project. Running Foxes is the operator and holds the remaining 50 per cent of the projects.

Missouri is surrounded on three sides by large oil producing basins, the Illinois, Arkoma and Anadarko. Missouri’s oil occurs in sandstones of the Pennsylvanian age Cherokee Group at shallow production depths.

There are a number of operating companies in the area currently acquiring land to either water or steam flood at shallow depths. Nighthawk and Running Foxes intend to permit four test wells on each project and will continue to seek additional acreage where significant oil reserves have previously been identified as at the Buchanan and Worden projects.

David Bramhill, Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that the Devon Oilfield project is moving into the pilot production phase. Our success at Devon led us to seek further similar opportunities which has resulted in the acquisition of the Buchanan and Worden projects.”