Hallin Marine Wins Contract from NOR Offshore

Hallin Marine was contracted by Nor Offshore to design, fabricate and outfit a fully classed four chamber, 15 man saturation diving system that can operate at depths of up to 300 meters and includes a three man bell. Nor Offshore will supply all internal equipment and upon delivery will install the system into its vessel.

Major vessel owners Solstad Offshore and Nortrans Invest based out of Singapore set up this US $3.5 million order. Delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2008.

Morten Jelert, of Nor Offshore, said: "Nor Offshore awarded the contract for the design, fabrication and fit-out of the Sat System chambers based on Hallin's extensive experience in building saturation diving systems to the quality and standard we require."

John Payne, Chief Operating Officer of Hallin Marine, said: "We are pleased to have won this contract from Nor Offshore, who are a new client to Hallin. They inspected our modern facilities and that played a significant part in the contract award. Our current saturation diving system manufacturing capacity is now fully committed to third quarter 2008, producing our own and third party systems."