Stabil Drill Purchases Donnie Williams Tools & J&S Hole Opener Rentals

Stabil Drill, a Superior Energy Services Company, has acquired Donnie Williams Tool Company and J&S Hole Opener Rentals.

Headquartered in Youngsville, LA, these two companies specialize in cost-effective drilling tools engineered for the oil and gas industry both onshore and offshore. The companies have operations along the Gulf Coast with locations in Lafayette, LA and Houston, TX.

"Stabil Drill has a reputation for providing innovative bottom-hole assembly solutions around the world," said Sammy Russo, Stabil Drill’s President. "These acquisitions bring with them products and expert personnel to increase Stabil Drill’s capability to provide bottom-hole assemblies."

In addition to increasing the company’s hole opener inventory, Stabil Drill will now offer the patented Z-Bit tool which is designed to ream to the bottom of a hole without sidetracking a well. The company will also offer the environmentally friendly Pneumatic Mud Bucket which eliminates costly mud leaks and spills while protecting the environment and personnel.

"Stabil Drill is committed to safe and innovative operations," said Donnie Williams, founder of Donnie Williams Tool Company and J&S Hole Opener Rentals. "We are excited to be a part of the Stabil Drill team and look forward to working together to bring our products and industry knowledge around the world."

Since 1986, Stabil Drill has provided tough, durable tools delivered around the globe. The company also has the wellsite experience and downhole knowledge for today’s demanding drilling applications.

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