Fugro-Jason Releases RockScale 7.2

Fugro-Jason's RockScale 7.2, used for rescaling seismic-based rock property volumes for use in 3D reservoir model corner point grids is now available. Using RockScale, geologists and geoscientists can build more accurate reservoir models. Fugro-Jason is a leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry.

"RockScale makes practical the rigorous use of seismic-based, quantitative rock property volumes in 3D reservoir models," said Joe Jacquot, Marketing Manager for Fugro-Jason. "Together with FastTracker(TM), RockScale manages the transform of properties while ensuring that they are structurally and stratigraphically correct. The resulting volumes provide a better understanding of the geology between wells and create more accurate 3D reservoir models."

RockScale transfers models from orthogonal (seismic) grids to corner point grids. Its unique Zonal Adjustment(TM) technique ensures proper handling of both sampling and geometry. Flow geometry is preserved for Net to Gross, Porosity and other volumes. Seismic derived property models in time are rescaled directly into CPG models in depth. The rescaled CPG models can be used as 3D trend models for cosimulation in FastTracker or other geomodeling programs. RockScale has the unique ability to take seismic properties in time and sample them into depth grids that have been prepared in FastTracker or other geomodeling packages.

Key benefits of RockScale include:

  • Transfer of seismic-based rock property volumes into 3D reservoir model corner point grids while preserving flow unit integrity. Zonal Adjustment eliminates 'leakage' of volume properties out of geologically defined layers and ensures placement of volume properties into correct geological layers.
  • Dramatic improvement over transfer of volume properties as 2D maps into 3D reservoir models.
  • 3D reservoir model corner point grids rescaled into seismic grids to produce seismic synthetics for reservoir model QC purposes.

"The market is demanding better 3D reservoir models for improved field management and enhanced field recovery," said Eric Adams, Managing Director of Fugro-Jason. "RockScale addresses this need, enabling more accurate reservoir models by combining the results of seismic reservoir characterization with reservoir modeling."