FMC Wins Sonatrach Contract in Algeria

FMC Technologies, Inc. has been engaged by Sonatrach-TRC for the development of five offshore loading stations for transportation of crude oil and condensate from onshore facilities.

The total project scope, valued at approximately $240 million, includes the supply of five SOFEC(TM) CALM (catenary anchor leg mooring) type buoys for export terminals with associated PLEM (Pipeline End Manifolds), as well as onshore and offshore pipelines and onshore facilities, including metering and pumping stations. FMC Technologies plans to subcontract the pipeline design, supply and installation and the onshore facilities to OPE of Houston, Texas. The estimated value of the OPE package is approximately $120 million, making the resulting estimated value of the project to FMC Technologies approximately $120 million. The project is anticipated to be completed in 2004.

"We are pleased that FMC Technologies has been selected to supply this oil offloading project for Sonatrach-TRC," said Peter D. Kinnear, Vice President - FMC Energy Systems. "This is an important infrastructure project in Algeria, and we are proud to play a role in its development."