Peru LNG Starts Pipeline Construction

Peru LNG has awarded Techint S.A.C. a pipeline construction contract following an international competitive bidding process and extensive evaluation. Pipeline construction is expected to start January 2008.

"Peru LNG has adopted and will implement all the highest standards, both Peruvian and international, in the design and execution of pipeline construction," said Barbara Bruce, General Manager of Peru LNG. "We have developed comprehensive Contractor Management Plans (CMPs) that cover every facet of pipeline construction to assure that these standards are met," said Bruce.

Peru LNG's world-class management team, which consists of experts in construction, engineering, health and safety, security, environmental and community affairs, will maintain complete oversight of the construction process with audits, inspections and quality control on a daily basis.

Techint has extensive experience in the specific areas where the construction will take place and the largest, skilled workforce to implement the project.

The 408 km of line pipe from which the pipeline will be built was ordered in February and March of this year, it is currently being manufactured and inspected to international standards and the first delivery is due in November.

"Peru LNG is responsible for providing a safe, high quality pipeline and is committed to making this project one of the most respected in the world," added Bruce.

Peru LNG is a world-class infrastructure project that will position Peru as a leader in the liquid natural gas industry in Latin America. The income generated by Peru LNG will be a great stimulus of development and growth for the country and its people.