Scan Completes Sri Lankan 3D Survey

SCAN Geophysical has successfully completed a specialized 2D seismic acquisition program for GEMS International offshore Sri Lanka. The survey was carried out on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka (DEOCOM) and is part of its outer continental shelf delimiting studies for EEZ (exclusive economic zone) purposes.

SCAN's M/V Geo Searcher using a 6,000m streamer and a 4,200 cu. ins. source array acquired the approximately two-month-long survey. "Both GEMS and DEOCOM were satisfied with our performance and results and actually provided SCAN with one extra week's worth of extension work" said Kjell Karlsson, vice president marketing and sales for SCAN. "We are looking forward to similar specialized seismic projects in the near future as our vessel is well suited for this kind of work." he added.

SCAN Geophysical ASA was established in 2002 as an international seismic data acquisition company specializing in both marine streamer seismic and ocean bottom seismic. The company is currently operating one 2D and one 3D streamer vessel, and will soon launch one 2002-built 3D vessel and three newbuild state-of-the-art 8-10 streamer 3D vessels during 2008. Administration is located in Oslo, with representatives in Caracas, Houston and Singapore.