CNOPB Improves Access to Petroleum Data Offshore Nova Scotia

The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board along with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada and Schlumberger Information Solutions officially opened the newly expanded Geoscience Research Center and digital Data Management Center October 3, 2007.

"The Geoscience Research Center and Data Management Center create an environment that foster communication, information dissemination and understanding of offshore Nova Scotia's geological resources," said Diana Dalton, Board Chair and Acting CEO.

The GRC houses the DMC and stores hardcopy information and samples including: well data, cores and cuttings, and geological and geophysical data. The DMC is designed to give users on-line access to digital offshore petroleum data. It is undergoing final configuration and will be fully operational later in October. The Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada provided $2.4 Million in funding for expansion of the GRC and development of the DMC.

"Making geoscience information available to the public is an important investment for future exploration success," said Energy Minister Bill Dooks. "We have the resource potential, now people with entrepreneurial spirit can see that for themselves. They will have easy access to this data from any where in the world, 24 hours a day, via the Internet."

"Our Government recognizes that the oil and gas industry relies on current, accessible data," said the Honorable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources. "We are pleased to support the digital Data Management Center which, together with the Geoscience Research Center, will play a pivotal role in the exploration of Nova Scotia's offshore resources."

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) designed, installed and is configuring the DMC hardware, software, and user workflows. Going forward the Board will have ongoing support and maintenance of the DMC provided by SIS.

"By working closely with the Board we were able to fully understand their requirements to create a leading-edge data management center to attract new investors to this key exploration area," said Deanna Jones, Vice President Schlumberger Information Solutions North America. "Our long time experience in designing and deploying National Data Centers helped us to define a working model for this DMC, including the deployment of next generation self service energy information capabilities to advance oil and gas development in Canada."

The DMC will manage and provide web access to well data (e.g. logs & reports), seismic images (e.g. TIFF, JPG) and SEGY data, geographic information system data (e.g. license information, bathymetry, pipelines etc.) and production data. The loading and verification of this data is ongoing. In the future, the DMC could be expanded to include operational, safety, environmental, and fisheries data.

The DMC is also intended to act as a "pilot project" in the establishment of a National Data Center (NDC) for digital petroleum data, which in time could link several regulatory Boards and government departments across Canada.

The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board is the independent joint agency of the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia responsible for the regulation of petroleum activities and resources offshore Nova Scotia.