Marine Subsea and Dunlaw Enter Marketing Deal

Marine Subsea, Dunlaw Engineering and its mother company EXSTO have entered into a Sales and Marketing Agreement, which will optimize their marketing efforts, and propose complete product packages of Buoyancy and ancillary products to pipeline manufacturers and oilfield installers world-wide.

A first joint contract is already entered into with Nexen Inc. UK, under which the companies delivers from MSG buoyancy systems for a flexible riser and an umbilical cable, and Impact Protection from Dunlaw.

Christophe Torres, Director of Dunlaw Engineering Ltd and General Manager of EXSTO sas, comments the agreement:

"For our customers in the offshore business, this agreement offers the possibility to contract for a global package, with our existing range of products (bend restrictors, bend stiffeners, VIV’s strikes, SCIP for impact protection, protective sleeves, seals, markers, etc.) including the buoyancies expertise from Marine Subsea Group."

Egil Opsahl, Managing Director of Marine Subsea Group AS says:

"The co-operation with Dunlaw and Exsto optimises our market presence, and enables us to propose complete product packages to our customers while focusing our own efforts on optimising our products and technologies for subsea buoyancy. In addition, a close relationship with polyurethane manufacturing experts opens interesting future perspectives."