Aladdin Oil & Gas Increases Orenburg Production

Aladdin Oil & Gas Company has now completed the workover of the second of seven oilwells on the company's license in Orenburg, Russia. Well # 39 is put on test production and is now producing oil.

The second overhauled well on the Bogdanovskaya license in now put on test production. The oil is pumped into holding tanks and is transported by truck to the market.

Well # 39 is expected to give a somewhat higher stable production rate than the first well, says Espen Glende , CEO of Aladdin Oil & Gas Company ASA in a comment. - The production can probably be increased further through stimulation. We are considering possible such actions as we see how the well stabilizes, he continues.

Following this work over, Aladdin Oil & Gas Company is continuing the work over program on the Bogdanovskaya license. Work over has started on well number three, and will commence on well number four shortly.

From being purely an exploration and development company, Aladdin Oil & Gas Company has now become an oil producing company. During a short period of time we have overhauled (worked over) two wells that are now producing oil, and we look forward to the further work over program on the Bogdanovskaya license, says Glende.