PA Resources to Test Linda-1 Exploration Well

PA Resources has completed the drilling of the onshore Linda-1 exploration well within the Makthar permit in Tunisia. Two intervals with potential hydrocarbons have been identified. The well will be tested as soon as the rig has left the location.

The oil and gas group PA Resources AB (publ) has completed the drilling of the onshore Linda-1 exploration well located within the Makthar permit in the western parts of central Tunisia, close to the Algerian boarder. The well reached a total depth of 1,880 meters in rocks of Lower Cretaceous age. Two limestone intervals with potential moveable hydrocarbons where encountered in the well.

PA Resources is now preparing for a test of these intervals. Down-hole equipment has been installed, preparations for the well test are ongoing and the testing will start as soon as the drilling rig has left the Linda well site. Produced oil during the test will be shipped by truck to the Douleb field, owned to 70 percent by PA Resources and situated some 40 kilometers north-east of the Linda-1 well location. Should the testing prove to be successful, actual production from the well could commence immediately.

The drilling rig CTF-06 will now be dismantled and moved to the Serraguia prospect also situated in the Makthar permit some 30 kilometers south-west of the Linda well location, where an exploration well will be drilled. The spudding of the Serraguia well is anticipated within the next two weeks.

PA Resources is operator of the Makthar permit through a subsidiary and has a working interest of 45 percent. Partner is ETAP, the Tunisian State oil company, with a working interest of 55 percent in the permit.