Lexcore Services Wins 25-Well Drilling Contract

Lexcore Services, a subsidiary of Lexington Energy Services, has signed a shallow gas drilling contract with Neo Exploration. Lexcore's rigs are scheduled to begin drilling this week on a minimum of 25 wells. Lexcore's drilling/coring rigs are designed for shallow oil and gas drilling and oil sands coring.

"Having these rigs and their crews operational before the peak oil sands season will only add to Lexcore's ability to drill safer and outperform our competitors, who typically arrive in the oil sands each winter with green crews," said Lexcore's VP Operations Dan Nanninga.

"Lexcore's rigs were designed to be small and fast," says Lexington Energy CEO Brent Nimeck, "and that's made them ideal for taking part in the extensive shallow oil and gas activity in Alberta. Being part of Lexington Energy's family of companies also makes Lexcore's drill services especially attractive. Lexcore offers cutting edge rigs and also gives clients efficient, one-stop access to a wide range of oil field services, including expert project management support. This comprehensive approach puts Lexcore a cut above our competitors."

Lexcore is an energy services company offering oil sands coring, on-site nitrogen generation, coiled tubing, shallow oil and gas drilling, and project management services.