PolyOil Launches Innovative New Umbilical Clamp

Recently previewed at Offshore Europe and formally launched on October 1st, this is the latest in the line of multi-hinge umbilical clamps from PolyOil, the Aberdeen-based designer and developer of cutting-edge polymer technology for the oil and gas industry.

The introduction of the triple-hinge clamp, which boasts a smoother profile for added stability and a rapid fitting system to improve its user-friendliness, has sparked interest from a number of operators. PolyOil is currently applying for a patent for the product.

Used in downhole applications to protect the well tubing at mid-joint or cross-coupling points, the multi-hinge clamps are made from a high-impact, wear-resistant polymer material which offers a host of technical benefits over their steel equivalents.

Because of the lightweight properties, they are safe and easy to handle and their resilience means that they have a longer life-span because they are corrosion-free. They also reduce friction, which makes them kinder on all other completion equipment.

Serena Arif, Director of PolyOil, said: "Launching the triple-hinge clamp and continuing to develop our range of products is integral to our plans to achieve strategic growth. Subsequently, we have already secured an order to provide around 20 of the new clamps for a project in the Tyrihans field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, to be delivered later this year."

Thanks to its balance and symmetrical design, the new rounder outer profile of the triple-hinge clamp ensures even greater stability once in position. This means that there is less possibility of the clamp slipping or moving, even in the severest conditions.

"Developing the product was the natural progression after the success of our dual-hinge clamp. We have utilised a swing-bolting system which allows for independent closure of the different parts of the clamp," said Director of PolyOil, Calum Whitelaw.

"As part of our commitment to the continual development and refinement of our products we looked at ways we could add more functionality and reliability to the dual-hinge clamp,"

"As a result, the triple-hinge clamp is now even easier to fit, which will improve the efficiency of the operation and further reduce the health and safety risk."

Established in 2000, PolyOil designs and develops products for the oil and gas industry using pioneering polymer technology. The company's Poly-Tector range of products for the drilling, completions and subsea sectors, reduce friction, enhance safety, are light weight, corrosion-free and bring operational benefits as well as improving job success rates.

In August 2005 PolyOil was granted a UK patent for its Control Line Poly-Tector, for which it has a patent pending in Norway.