Belmet Marine Achieves OHSAS18001:1999 Accreditation

Belmet Marine, the Cape Town-based diversified steel fabricator, has successfully had their Health and Safety Management Program accredited by Bureau Veritas to OHSAS18001:1999 standards.

This is a most notable achievement for the fabricator in that the entire program document was put together over an 18-month period and incorporated input from international customers during the completion of major projects. These successful projects have significantly raised the profile of Belmet Marine as an international fabricator and placed the company on a par with the best-in-class, from a safety and quality perspective. The input and involvement from the customers included the dissemination of information; suggested proven processes; investment in resources (both financially and equipment-wise); a Behavior Science Technology (BST) survey of the company safety culture; and ongoing assessment of the program, resulting in ongoing refining of all the elements of OHSAS18001 to these international standards.

The implementation of the safety program over the past few years has seen a significant improvement in safety awareness from all employees at all levels and all tasks are fully risk-assessed prior to commencement. This accreditation will be fully integrated with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality system that was implemented in 2003 and upgraded from IQM to Bureau Veritas (BVQI) in November 2006.