Petrofac Recruits Record Number of Engineering Graduates

Petrofac has recruited a record number of engineering graduates to its Sharjah-based Engineering & Construction business. The graduates are qualified with first-class engineering degrees from leading universities, most of which are situated in the region. Sixty individuals joined the company at the beginning of September, commencing their initial week of employment with an intensive off-site induction and familiarization program. An additional 15 graduates will be joining the company by November 2007, the overall intake representing a 50% increase on 2006.

Following successful completion of the induction program, the graduates progress through Petrofac’s two-year, in-house graduate training program, which involves a closely monitored mentoring scheme, a series of technical and personal development courses, and on-the-job training and specific project assignments through all the major engineering disciplines.

The training scheme uses a results-oriented, competency based approach against which critical success factors and key result areas are established. It is against these mutually agreed targets that individual performance and progress is monitored.

This approach has been tried, tested and continually improved upon over recent years so there are high expectations and support for the success of this year’s intake. The structure of the program provides each graduate with the opportunity to learn and grow technically, professionally and personally.

Maroun Semaan, chief executive, Engineering and Construction, commented: "Recognizing that the graduates of today are our future, Petrofac invests heavily in, and is completely dedicated to, its graduate recruitment and training program. Our engagement of a record number of engineering graduates this year is testimony to the continued success and reputation of the program as well as indicative of the diverse career opportunities Petrofac is able to offer."