GE Launches New Version of Pipeview Facility for ArcGIS

GE Oil & Gas' PII Pipeline Solutions has launched PipeView™ Facility for ArcGIS 4.0. PipeView Facility for ArcGIS allows operators to maintain their pipeline data in the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM). This platform is an industry model that uses ESRI's geodatabase technology. PII's tool, an extension of ArcGIS, allows users to create, edit, and maintain their pipeline centerline data and all associated facility and integrity data.

To improve the performance of this tool, this release of PipeView Facility for ArcGIS employs several strategies to significantly enhance centerline editing, including:

- Support of route events for online points: The pipeline operator's APDM can be configured to use both features and events based on their intended use and performance objectives.

- Deferred processing of the online location of offline features: Allows the user to modify the centerline quickly and batch process the online location calculations.

PipeView Facility for ArcGIS 4.0 also has a new look and feel, designed to improve the user experience and reduce the level of GIS knowledge required by the user. This release includes a revamped user interface with a new toolbar structure that presents the most relevant tools prominently and in a manner that is more consistent with pipeline operations. The new version also offers improvements to existing tools, making it easier for the user to add points and linear features.

"This launch of the new PipeView for ArcGIS tool underscores our commitment to continuously improve our integrity software in order to meet our clients' stringent accuracy requirements," said Manuel Terranova, General Manager of Integrity Services for PII Pipeline Solutions.

GE's PipeView Facility for ArcGIS 4.0 supports ArcGIS 9.2 and has been certified for compatibility with Oracle 10g, Oracle Spatial, and SQL Server 2005 - the latest technology platforms that are supported by ESRI. The new version of the tool also provides compatibility beyond ESRI technologies with certified support for spatial data interoperability standards: OGC, ISO, ST_Geometry, and SDO_Geometry Storage. These additions mean the enterprise facility geodatabase can integrate and participate in a disparate GIS/IT framework. As a result, pipeline operators can now take advantage of mainstream technologies to orchestrate interdepartmental data exchange and automated business processes/workflows.