GE's PII Pipeline Solutions Group Updates Software

GE Oil & Gas' PII Pipeline Solutions group has updated its PipeView TM Integrity and its PipeView SheetGen software products.

PVi 4.1 is the latest evolution of GE's PipeView Integrity suite of software solutions designed to assist transmission pipeline operators and local distribution companies in assessing and managing the integrity of their pipelines.

The software provides customers with a single, integrated environment that includes several important integrity tools: Data Alignment Manager, Feature Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Integrity Planning.

In response to customer requests, this latest version of PipeView Integrity includes the following enhancements: additional zooming capabilities for Data Alignment, added navigation control within risk charts, support of multiple reference layers in the map band of the Band View component, and improved capacity to enter repair data.

In addition to PVi 4.1, GE has enhanced its PipeView SheetGen software application, which automatically generates alignment sheets directly from relational databases and geographic information systems. The product provides up-to-date construction-quality drawings of a pipeline system for field use and analysis.

Along with other enhancements, a key component of this new release of SheetGen provides support of multi-line sheets. Users are now able to specify which bands in a band template will utilize multiple lines. This data is then automatically displayed and formatted for the number of lines that are available for each individual sheet.

"GE understands that customers buy software based on today's functionality, but also the promise of future improvements," said Manuel Terranova, General Manager of Integrity Services for PII Pipeline Solutions. "The introduction of these enhanced applications demonstrates our commitment to regularly scheduled product updates that reflect additional, customer-requested features and improvements."