CapRock Launches Enhanced Remote Video Streaming Service

CapRock Communications announced its next-generation remote video streaming service. The new service enables real-time monitoring and inspection of subsea structures and remote facilities via full-motion streaming video. Available in three packages, clients have the flexibility to customize video quality determined by the specific job.

"Real-time video brings the clarity and perspective needed to show how badly a pipeline may be damaged or what amount of debris may be built up on a structure," said CapRock VP of Global Marketing Randal Neck. "Enabling customers to gauge this information instantly allows them to quickly diagnose the problem and immediately begin working toward a solution."

The service is geared to diving support businesses and marine contractors needing remote monitoring capabilities in equipment depots and site entrances and exits. Remote video streaming services also enables remote assessments and problem diagnosis to be conducted from the office. Faster and educated decisions can be made while reducing the frequency and cost of dispatching personnel.

Choices between standard, enhanced, and premium video streaming packages are offered that provide options in image size and clarity. Standard service users can also choose to upgrade to the enhanced or premium package for short-term needs of a specific job. Once the job is completed, users can return to the standard service. Flexibility allows the customers to subscribe to the enhanced or premium service only when a job has the need for greater resolution.

The standard streaming package is usually used for general above-water monitoring services. The premium package is suggested for subsea monitoring. Secure access to video is available through the Internet or clients' private networks. This access is provided instantly regardless of the location of the viewer.

"CapRock has been providing video services for customers with ROV operations for several years," continued Neck. "With the new service, clients are able to see continuous real-time streaming video of the monitored facility, rather than rapid image snapshots provided by the previous service. This gives clients a true visual link into the operation as if they were on-site, even if they are located hundreds of miles away."

The new video service has already been sent to multiple clients. Neck commented, "The new service was designed working side-by-side with our customers. It was developed with flexibility as a key requirement, meeting customers' evolving needs as they complete existing projects today and move onto the next challenge tomorrow."