Williams Holds Open Season for Rockies Connector Pipeline

Williams is holding an open season, Sept. 26-Oct. 29, to obtain shipper interest in a proposed interstate natural gas pipeline. The pipeline would connect natural gas supplies originating from the Rockies to the Northeast markets. The pipeline is expected to provide transport capacity of 688,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas, or enough energy to heat about three million homes. The proposed Rockies pipeline is subject to approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other agencies. Firm transportation service is anticipated by November 2010.

"The Rockies Connector Pipeline would provide a vital link to connect the Rocky Mountain supply basins with existing infrastructure currently serving the natural gas demand in the Northeast," said Phil Wright, president of Williams' natural gas pipeline business. "We believe the size of our proposed Rockies Connector Pipeline is appropriate for the expected market commitment," Wright said, "and would be in service at the right time to serve customer needs.

"Additionally, the proposed Rockies Connector Pipeline will help alleviate the infrastructure constraints in the Rockies, extend the reach of natural gas from those basins and bring supply diversity to some of the nation's largest markets in the Northeast," Wright said. Williams' Transco pipeline system delivers about half of the natural gas consumed in New York City, as well as serving other East Coast markets. Natural gas delivered via the Rockies pipeline would be available to Transco shippers and other interstate pipelines serving the Northeast. The Transco system stretches from the Gulf Coast to the Eastern Seaboard and serves markets in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Williams primarily finds, produces, gathers, processes and transports natural gas. It also manages a wholesale power business. Williams' operations are concentrated in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Gulf Coast, southern California and Eastern Seaboard.