Schlumberger Presents Grant to SEG Foundation

Schlumberger has presented a $1 million USD grant to SEG Foundation to help establish a new Geoscientists Without Borders program. Dalton Boutte, executive vice president of Schlumberger and president of WesternGeco, presented the grant at a ceremony during the annual Society of Exploration Geophysicists meeting.

"SEG Foundation has a long history of supporting students and universities engaged in the study of applied geophysics. We are proud to work with Schlumberger to raise this engagement to a new level," said Gary Servos, Board Chair of SEG Foundation. "Geoscientists Without Borders will strengthen university programs, introduce students to the practical and humanitarian benefits of geophysics and geoscience, and make a difference to the quality of life in many of the world’s most disadvantaged communities."

Through this initiative, SEG Foundation will award grants to projects of merit, which may include locating fresh water supplies, pollution remediation, natural hazard mitigation, sustainable resource development and related education. Humanitarian applications of geoscience technology will be emphasized. Through such projects, the program aims to promote interaction of academic and industrial concerns in a broad and diverse manner, particularly by involving students in the geosciences.

"When we looked at the technologies we have developed in the oil and gas sector and the potential benefits to humanitarian efforts, we were interested in enabling these applications through interaction with the academic community, students and the SEG Foundation," said Boutte. "We are proud to be able to help establish a program that will focus on humanitarian applications of geoscience and inspire students to use their skills in the geosciences to make the world a better place."