Fugro-Jason Makes Fastracker 7.2 Available

Fugro-Jason announced the availability of FastTracker(TM) 7.2 for fast, accurate reservoir modeling. FastTracker delivers step change improvements in productivity by enabling users to revise, add and update anything, anywhere in the model, which causes the model to rebuild automatically. FastTracker integrates structural modeling, reservoir property modeling, up scaling, and direct connections to flow simulators in one package.

"With FastTracker, reservoir modeling becomes a practical component of field management," said Joe Jacquot, Strategic Marketing Manager for Fugro-Jason. "More accurate models created and updated in a fraction of the time previously required improve field development planning, recovery and overall field management."

Key features of FastTracker include:

UpdateAbility(TM) -- As the geological model is built, FastTracker automatically records and documents each step so that a complete history is available at any time. Every petrotechnical item in the project -- such as surface, 3D mesh, or porosity model -- 'knows' its place in the workflow. It knows what went into its creation and what other items later in the workflow depend on it. The result is a dynamic, living workflow where anything, anywhere in the project may be revised at any time. Using FastTracker 7.2, users can quickly incorporate 'surprise wells' into the model, speeding reaction time from months to weeks. 'What if' scenarios are also easily modeled.

Faster Complex Structural Modeling -- FastTracker easily handles models with large numbers of faults and horizons. New workflow Assistants helps you repair and truncate many faults in a model. These capabilities are completely integrated with FastTracker UpdateAbility.

Improved Property Modeling -- FastTracker has the unique ability to accurately resample highly detailed rock properties from seismic trace-based reservoir characterizations into corner point grids resulting in far more accurate property models in inter-well areas. FastTracker also has conventional deterministic and Geostatistical property modeling techniques.

"There is a keenly felt need in the market for an integrated tool that can quickly respond to changing reservoir information and conditions," said Eric Adams, Managing Director of Fugro-Jason. "FastTracker 7.2 addresses this need, enabling an integrated workflow from seismic to simulator, combining the best in reservoir modeling with the best in reservoir characterization."

Fugro-Jason, a leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry, is dedicated to delivering new and better ways to enhance reservoir performance. The company's products and services integrate geological, geophysical, geostatistical, petrophysical and rock physics information into a single consistent model of the subsurface. Introduced in 1993, the Jason Geoscience Workbench is used by all major exploration companies to improve their drilling programs. PowerBench offers Windows®-based petrophysics, geology, interpretation, and modeling in a single integrated environment. The Fugro-Jason Reservoir Services group has performed hundreds of reservoir characterization projects for clients around the globe and in virtually every geological setting. Fugro-Jason is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has more than 20 offices worldwide.