Aurelian Expects to Begins Testing at Trzek-1 in October

Aurelian Oil & Gas says that the updated schedule for the testing of Trzek-1 in Poland. A work-over rig has been secured and a contract for fraccing concluded with Halliburton. The testing is to commence in late October and is expected to last some 14 days and will be followed by a shut-in period of a similar duration. The delay, in the arrival of the work-over rig at Trzek-1, has arisen as a result of the late release of the work-over rig from its current location.

As announced on 19 July, Trzek-1 encountered a gross column of 89 meters of gas in the Permian Rotliegendes Formation. In common with the four wells drilled on this significant Siekierki structural trend by the state company in the 1970s/1980s, the section shows acceptable porosities, although with relatively low permeability. The testing program has been designed to establish the commercial potential of the Siekierki structure.