Gulf Western Petroleum to Bring Shamrock Wells Onstream in October

Gulf Western Petroleum says that, after weather delays, completion operations have been successfully concluded on the Shamrock Project in Dewitt County Texas. The Shamrock Project is a three (3) well Frio-age project originally identified through 3-D seismic, with the target formation being the Jameson sand at 3200 feet. The three wells drilled are the Tulemore Dew No. 1 well (drilled to a depth of 3185'); the Miller-Thomas No. 1 well (drilled to a depth of 3166'); and the Bushmills No. 1 well (drilled to a depth of 3196'). All three wells had good gas shows while drilling and contain very promising log results. The three wells are now completed with production tubing and packers in the hole. They are scheduled to be tested the week of September 25th and connected to the sales line within the next 15 days.

Frio-age wells have proven to be prolific natural gas producers throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region. Typical Frio wells produce at approximately 200 to 300 Mcf per day with estimated total recoverable reserves of approximately 500 million cubic feet to 1 Billion cubic feet. Gulf Western holds a 90% working interest in the Project.

President Sam Nastat stated, "We are very pleased with the drilling and completion results in the Shamrock Project and are looking forward to the test results. And we are especially pleased with the break in the weather in Southeast Texas. Scheduling is now such that we will have eight Frio wells which include five wells from the Brush Creek Project connected into the sales line within 30 days."