CNPS & Geoprocesados Opens a New Visionarium in Mexico

Geoprocesados and Paradigm are proud to announce the inauguration of a new Visionarium at Geoprocesados-Comerlat offices in Villahermosa. Established in contract with the CNPS (Centro Nacional de Processamiento Seismico) division of PEMEX, the Mexican national company for oil and gas exploration and production, the Visionarium will be used for collaboration on reservoir interpretation and characterization projects using advanced Paradigm software solutions.

The inauguration, which took place in Villahermosa on October 12, 2002, was attended by the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, who took the opportunity to also visit the CNPS offices. President Fox expressed his admiration for the very impressive technology used by PEMEX in oil and gas exploration and production, as well as the high level of collaboration between Mexican companies and Paradigm, which as a foreign firm, is assisting the local industry with its state-of-the-art technology.

In addition to President Fox, the inauguration was attended by the governor of the State of Tabasco, executives of PEMEX and representatives of the joint venture between Paradigm and Geoprocesados. Javier Rubio, General Manager of Geoprocesados, stated, "We're very happy about our cooperation with Paradigm, which enables us to provide PEMEX with access to the very latest technology, through its seismic processing division, CNPS. As leading providers of depth imaging, interpretation and visualization, and reservoir characterization technologies to the Mexican market, Paradigm and Geoprocesados place particular value on our relationship with CNPS, an industry leader and trailblazer in the adoption of new geoscience technologies."

Arturo Perez Aldana, General Manager of CNPS, added, "The use of the most advanced technologies is crucial for exploration in the complex geological regimes that are common to our region. The Paradigm solutions enable us to achieve results in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods." CNPS is a major user of Paradigm solutions, benefiting from the high quality and productivity of VoxelGeo(r) volume-based seismic interpretation system, the GeoDepth(r) 2D/3D velocity model building and depth imaging solution, Focus(tm) for interactive and production 2D/3D seismic processing, the Probe(tm) 2D/3D AVO inversion, analysis and modeling tool, the Stratimagic(tm) seismic facies classification and analysis system, and other leading brands.

A highlight of the inauguration was the presentation by PEMEX of an important recent discovery in which Paradigm's VoxelGeo volume-based seismic interpretation system played a major role. Adan Oviedo, Coordinador de Estrategias de Exploracion of PEMEX, presented the findings on the Visionarium using VoxelGeo. In his presentation, Mr. Oviedo emphasized PEMEX' success in implementing the new technologies to improve exploration results.