Norsk Hydro Drills Duster on Troll Field

Norsk Hydro has, in cooperation with Statoil, completed drilling wildcat well 31/2-20 S in Production License 054. The well was drilled by the Transocean Inc.'s semsiub, Polar Pioneer, as an independent sidetrack of a three-branch production well in the Troll Vest oil province where Norsk Hydro is the operator. The purpose of the well was to test a prospect in the Middle Jurassic Age.

The sidetrack was drilled to a total depth of 3,400 meters MD and was terminated in rocks from the Middle Jurassic Age. No mobile hydrocarbons were proven in the well. The wildcat well (the sidetrack) has now been permanently plugged and abandoned.

Norsk Hydro is operator of Production License 191 and Statoil is operator of Production License 054.