Red Spider Launches New Intelligent Downhole Product

Red Spider Technology has claimed an industry first with the launch of a new intelligent downhole flow control product, the Electronic Remote Equalisation Device (eRED).

The eRED is designed to maximise production and recovery rates by being the only downhole intervention tool which can be repeatedly opened and/ or closed after deployment, which therefore allows the operator to perform a host of applications without the need to resort to further interventions.

Gary Smith, Marketing Manger – New Technology at Red Spider said: "The eRED device is the first truly intelligent downhole flow control product thanks to its unique ability to open and close on demand, as required.

"It will also allow users to collect a range of useful well data, including pressures and temperatures both above and below the barrier, which can be downloaded once the device has been retrieved, a capability which is not currently offered by any other existing product."

The eRED features user-programmable electronics and sensors, which provide the operator with the opportunity to customise the tool to the demands of their specific situation. It also has an onboard data analysis capability. This allows it to differentiate between actual commands and changes caused by natural fluctuations; as a result the operator can be confident that the valve will not open unless instructed to do so.

"The eRED will only open when specific criteria are met – it is clever enough to monitor external factors, such as increasing hydrostatic pressure, and recognise the difference between these and the operator’s directions," said Smith.

"It also remains unaffected by pressure from below the barrier. If conditions in the reservoir change, the device will adapt to these and remain operational, even if the user is unsure of the potential pressures in the reservoir below."

The device incorporates Red Spider’s Rotational Ball Valve (RBV) technology. This unique sealing mechanism in effect eradicates the possibility of the valve being forced open by external pressures.

"Instead, thanks to the engineering of the valve, the mechanism reacts to a greater differential pressure across the seal by pressing the constituent parts even more firmly together, which also helps makes it highly debris tolerant," said Smith.

The eRED device can be used for a variety of different purposes, including completion deployment and packer setting/TCP gun firing, zonal isolation, and is suitable for extended reach or horizontal wells where the retrieval of a carrying device may prove problematic.

It can also be shallow set for tree testing and change out, or deep set for packer setting and tubing testing, and also allows the operator to pressure test the well prior to fracing or a simulation operation.

The eRED device can be run in either the open or closed position, said Smith. "The tool would typically be run closed, acting as a retaining barrier capable of containing pressures of up to 7,500 psi in either direction, but it can also be run open, programmed to close when specific criteria are met."

The launch of the eRED device comes after almost two years of research, design and development by Red Spider and the tool has undergone a stringent simulation of downhole conditions to ensure it can perform even in the toughest circumstances.

It also meets the rigorous standards set by ISO9001/2000 and is currently qualified to ISO 14310 V3 as a result of a thorough and wide-ranging testing procedure.

"Using the eRED will provide the operator more with much more scope without the necessity of additional interventions. A direct result will be huge savings in time, costs and also a reduction in the health and safety risk," continued Smith.

"Not surprisingly, there is already a great deal of interest in the device from a number of operators, and we are confident that the eRED will become the industry standard in intervention deployed, downhole flow control."

Red Spider Technology develops innovative tools to meet the new challenges in the oil and gas industry. With headquarters in Westhill, near Aberdeen, and offices in Stavanger and Dubai, the company supplies innovative downhole tools to the global oil industry, aimed at adding value by reducing client operating time, production costs and environmental risks.