Intermoor Expands Support Options

InterMoor Inc., an Acteon company, has signed a long-term contract with a subsidiary of Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. to store and maintain Diamond Offshore's mooring hardware in InterMoor's new 22-acre facility at the Port of Fourchon in Louisiana, announced InterMoor President Tom Fulton.

"InterMoor is excited about storing all of Diamond Offshore's mooring equipment such as chain, wire and anchors for its Gulf of Mexico drilling needs," said Fulton. "Through the expansion of our facilities, we are proud to be able to offer this service to our customers and foresee stronger and longer-lasting relationships as a result."

The new facility includes more than 1,200 feet of bulkhead waterfront dock space, a warehouse, office, training center and living quarters.

In addition, the facility comes complete with three cranes to support the yard and provide heavy-lift services – including a new mega-crane which offers maximum lift capacity of 800 metric tons. The crane, which is the largest of its kind in the Port of Fourchon, is expected to be commissioned and operational in the fourth quarter 2007.

InterMoor Inc., an Acteon company, is an industry leader in innovative mooring and installation technology. InterMoor designs, provides and installs integrated mooring systems worldwide for the offshore oil and gas industry. Acteon is a group of specialist engineering companies serving the global oil and gas industry.