Nautronix Sells Two BOP Systems in Same Number of Months

Marine Technology Solutions provider Nautronix announced the sale of two NASBOP systems in the last two months, resulting in a total of over $4 million in sales for the company.

The latest sales consist of a newbuild NASBOP to be used offshore Congo for Cameron Offshore and enhanced NASBOP upgrade for Stena Drilling.

The NASBOP (Nautronix Acoustic Subsea BOP) Control System is an enabling technology for surface BOP drilling from floating rigs. The system developed in 2002 off the back of the NASNet R&D program and in collaboration with Shell's engineering team in Houston is a true example of Nautronix expertise as Marine Technology Solutions providers.

Shell recognized removing the control umbilical which runs down to the seabed and utilizing surface BOP drilling technique would offer significant benefits to their drilling operations, particularly development drilling. However a reliable acoustic control and monitoring system was required to make the concept a reality. Nautronix' ADS2 signalling was identified as the most advanced and robust available in the market for this critical application and Shell worked closely with Nautronix engineers and Cameron, the provider of the subsea isolation device. Within 6 months the collaboration delivered NASBOP as the primary control and monitoring system, providing an emergency disconnect capability.

The first system was first used for operations in Brazil and Egypt onboard the Stena Tay drilling rig in water depths of 2,940m. Exceptional results were achieved during this first deployment.

With the recent upturn in the market the demand for NASBOP became evident and the company have once again invested in its technology, working closely again with Shell to develop and deliver an enhanced NASBOP system. Shell purchased this second NASBOP system in August 2006 for surface BOP drilling operations commencing late in 2007 in the BC-10 field in Brazil in 3,000 msw. This system takes full advantage of continuing advances in ADS2 technology offering additional signalling capability and functionality. Delivery of the system took place in the early part of 2007, for installation onboard Global Santa Fe's Glomar Artic I.

This enhanced system also resulted in an order from Stena Drilling to upgrade the original NASBOP highlights the additional capability and functionality of the enhanced NASBOP system, and of course the most recent addition of the newbuild NASBOP for Cameron worth over $2 million is a huge achievement for Nautronix and its technology.

Mark Patterson commented, "Having invested over £10 million in research and development which included the introduction of NASBOP to the market over four years ago we are delighted that market conditions have improved to allow this product to get its deserved recognition in the marketplace. We are very excited about the future prospects for our wireless controls business as a result of these sales"

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