Aker Kvaerner To Assess Statfjord Platforms for Statoil

Statoil has awarded Aker Kvaerner a contract to assess how economically profitable operations on the Statfjord platforms can be maintained until around 2020, rather than 2010 when production is at present expected to cease.

The assignment is worth around NOK 40 million. The company’s involvement may be extended to the start-up of possible modifications on the field.

The study will evaluate whether the large gas volumes still to be found in the field can be profitably produced. If so, the capacity of the existing facilities will have to be significantly upgraded. The new study contract, which is in addition to the extensive work Aker Kvaerner already carries out on Statfjord, will occupy 80 persons from Aker Offshore Partner and Aker Kvaerner Technology in Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo.