Crosco Provides Drilling Services to INA in Croatia

Crosco Integrated Drilling & Well Services will be providing integrated drilling and well services for INA throughout Croatia. Services are being provided on well Molve 40 with the Crosco 2000 HP Emsco 604 (Emsco C-2II); on well Kalinovec 14 with the Crosco 900 HP Cardwell 1 (Cardwell, O.C.); on well Okoli 60 with the Crosco 650 HP Ideco 202 (Ideco H 725D); on well Molve 3lR with the Crosco 575 HP Skytop 1 (Skytop Brewster RR 750), as well as with 10 workover rigs.

The following services are also being provided as a part of the integrated service package: Well Testing, Coil Tubing, Nitrogen, Cementing, Stimulation, Logging, Mud, Coring, Fishing and Directional Drilling.

Crosco's President, Mann Koceic, stated: "Crosco's facilities in Croatia are strategically located on important sea and land transportation routes allowing Crosco to easily service the Croatian market, as well as neighboring and other significant markets throughout Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and elsewhere. Crosco owns and operates an Offshore Base on the Adriatic Sea in Zadar, Croatia. Also in Croatia, Crosco has Equipment and Maintenance bases in both Ivanic Grad and Zagreb, a Cement base in Ivanicko Graberje and an Acid Base in Moslavacka Gracenica."