Buccaneer Appoints Bailey as VP of Operations

Dr. Raymond G. (Jerry) Bailey has been named as Vice President, Operations for Buccanneer Resources, a domestic oil and gas capital investment company. Dr. Bailey will oversee and direct field and management activities as Buccaneer executes its distributed resource model for the development of oil and gas reserves.

Dr. Bailey has worked for more than 40 years in the petroleum industry and has extensive experience in engineering, management and operations. He spent over 20 years in operations with ExxonMobil and finished his career as President of the Arabian Gulf division, where he was responsible for all commercial and operational activities, both upstream and downstream.

As an operational trainer in the Middle East, Dr. Bailey instructs national oil company engineers on the theoretical and real-world challenges they face in the field, including drilling, production, pipelines and refining.

"Dr. Bailey is a tremendous addition to the Buccaneer team," said COO Ken Hooper. "His extensive practical knowledge and management expertise will strongly benefit our ability to add significant value to our projects."

"Joining this team provides me the opportunity to maximize the value of my technical and management skills, as well as contribute to the company's objective of cost-effective development of new reserves," said Dr. Bailey.